Resin ring making kit


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Resin ring making kits are here at last! Why not have a go yourself? This kit will give you everything you need to make your very own unique resin rings from start to finish, also a perfect gift for someone who loves crafting. The silicone mould provided is for thin flat stacker rings, a very popular shape at workshops.

The kit includes:

60ml high quality epoxy resin in two parts 30ml/30ml, silicone mould of the thing flat ring shape, selection of glitters, metallic foils and dried flowers to put in your ring, stirring and cocktail sticks, safety gloves, measuring pots, full instructions and sandpapers.

The mould facilitates from smallest size US 4 / I to the largest which is US 13 / Z  – this means the rings can fit kids through to large size mens or simply hung from a necklace chain or keyring.

There is enough resin to make up to 30 rings. That’s lots for your friends and family, and yourself of course!

Suitable for adults and kids recommended age 9+ (I teach from age 9 at workshops and birthday parties)

Full instructions provided, by me Kaz with some handy tips!



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