If you’re wondering ‘What’s my ring size?’ please do read on. This can be such a tricky thing to work out so I’ve made an online tutorial where you can measure your size with a piece of paper and a ruler which I hope might really help How to Measure your Ring Size

I also have a couple of quick videos of me trying on rings and explaining US and Euro ring sizing Do you know your ring size? Euro and US sizing explained plus one more showing each ring on a measuring stick enabling you see them close up with images of all the sizes on some lovely customer’s hands What sizes do Gem Lettuce Jewellery rings come in? Let me show you!

Below the videos on this page I’ve popped a ring size chart which may be helpful.  Please do feel free to come back to me with any questions at all about what your size might be, always more than happy to chat.

If you’d rather not watch a video here are the instructions. Cut yourself a strip of paper and then put it around the finger you’d like a ring for. Pop a piece of tape on the paper to fix the shape and make sure you’re happy with the fit. It should fit snugly but be able to tightly slide over the knuckle. Cut the paper and measure it against the ruler. Then use the chart to check your size against the measurements.  The following are US sizes:

size 5 = 51mm; size 6 = 53.5mm, size 7 = 56mm, size 8 = 58.5mm; size 9 = 61mm; size 10 = 63.5mm

Perhaps you already know your ring size in EUR or another type, in which case please do take a look at this chart and see what you might be. If you’re in between sizes please just ask me (I will often advise to go up a size if you’re a half size under but please do contact me) – any doubt on your size please do ask!

Please do let me know if this helps or if you’d like further help using the contact form on this website or at kaz@gemlettuce.com, Kaz