Using earth, sea, wind and fire for inspiration…

I use resin to create fresh unique jewellery bursting with natural creativity: earthy pieces, some with beautiful flowers and more recently full of gold copper and silver leaf, ocean-inspired pieces swimming with colour and others inspired by fire, powerful pieces led by thoughts of volcanoes and lava.

Having travelled around the world and spent a number of years in Australia, I have been naturally inspired by the colours and textures around me, in particular the wonders of the ocean.

My background is as a fashion designer working for commercial brands designing full ranges and constantly staying ahead of new trends, allowing me to create contemporary collections of jewellery.  

My pieces are artistic and vibrant: full of colour, sparkle and a fresh energy.

Want a bespoke ring?

I am always excited to hear about new ideas and bespoke orders so please do get in touch with any projects or collaborations. If you are interested in stocking Gem Lettuce please contact me to discuss, we are based in London but happy to ship worldwide.

I love the deep colour and flecks, this ring looks super, adding that little something extra. I am already eyeing up more purchases. Love it, thank you xx

— Angie K