What’s new?

Well hello chunky resin rings, crystal point and pebble gem shaped pendants and earrings.. that’s whats new for 2019 coming into the festive season! Yay! Here’s a quick post to help show our new shapes and colours.

So with our usual bunch of large chunky rings are some new necklaces and earrings.  I was keen to use natural forms and so looked for some crystal gems to take moulds from, some of which belonged to my husband’s Grandma so it was lovely to be able to use them and give them new life.

These are all cast from crystal point gems! Geometric shapes, so sharp and fresh, this range uses natural shapes and fills them with soooooo  SO much COLOUR!  The pendant comes on a short 16 inch fine chain (unless you want longer and I can absolutely accommodate!) and is offered in sparkly red and gold foil, emerald green crushed glass mixed with copper foil, solid black, solid black and white hunks of colour, bright blue and white stripes inspired by Icelands icecaps and finally super sparkly iridescent .. like a unicorn!

red resin earrings



Colours as per the photo above:  bright blue, black, black and white, red and gold, emerald green and iridescent.   Each colour has … matching rings obviously!!!

The second collection has been cast from natural resin gems, which gives a lovely organic feel.  The largest pendant comes on a long 24 inch chain and the mini stone is on a short 16 inch chain, both perfect for layering with your own.  Striking new colours!!! We have solid black, pretty ivory colour .. gorgeous with winter knits as well as bridal, marbled greys swirl resin effect, yellow black  and gold in a super cool on-trend animal print effect (wait till you see the matching ring eek!), bright teal, burgundy swirl and of course black & white Dalmatian effect.  Something for every look!


Resin pebble gem collection 2019










Mini pebble gem resin pendant in black

… and lastly but certainly not least! Some brand spanking new chunky resin ring colours!  Embedded with feathers and flowers, aren’t they just gorge.

Models: Jess, Dominique and Demi with many thanks

Words and photography: Karen Evans

Any questions / colabs / stylists do get in contact kaz@gemlettuce.com